When you need help with Farm Management and advice, turn to the experts at Agritech Rural.
Our staff, including 10 agronomists, have over 200 years combined experience in Agriculture and also have personal farming backgrounds, which makes any agricultural situation more understandable.
We have extensive experience in all areas of broadacre cropping throughout the Wimmera, Mallee and Western Victoria.

At Agritech Rural, we use the latest technologies and precision agronomic tools, working closely with each of our growers throughout the season.  Regular on farm consultations ensure correct management practices and technologies are utilised which form the foundations for sound agronomic decisions.

Agritech Rural privides Agronomy Services to our valued clients at no charge, with the purchase of farming inputs such as chemical and fertiliser in store. With our clients dealing with one business, we can supply the products that we recommend and strengthen out client relationships and service efficiencies.



Our Agronomy Services Include:

Our agronomists spend time with each grower to determine their individual needs and requirements.  
We produce a farm plan that deliveres production strategies for each individual paddock.
This plan is reviewed throughout the season, based on on farm consultations and seasonal conditions.
Our detailed farm plan includes analysing soil charactaristics to determine best crop type and variety, fertiliser and chemical recommendations and application rates.

Our agronomists are here to help you with your cropping inputs.  We can recommend the ideal seed variants, the best chemicals and fertilisers for your individual requirements, to give your crop the best chances possible of thriving.

Diseases, weeds, insects & pests are a constant risk for broad acre cropping and primary producers, as they can have a serious impact on  production quality, quantity &  market access.
At Agritech Rural, our expert team of agronomists provides our clients information and advice on the prevention, management and treatment of these diseases, weeds, insects and pests.

Agritech Rural understands crop farming systems in the Wimmera and Mallee region of Victoria are diverse. The environmental and economic conditions demand that farmers make constant changes and improvements to their farming systems
Agritech Rural can produce production strategies to assist our growers increase productivity and product quality and to minimise negative impacts on the wider environment

The level of service is custimised to each individual client and their specific crop requirements.  Agritech Rural will service our clients custom requests and specific needs.  Our aim is for gaining the best quality production possible but also having a strong focus on sustainable agriculture & the long term viability of your farming enterprise.