Agritech Rural is a rural merchandiser and farm service provider, specialising in broadacre cropping and servicing the Wimmera, West Wimmera and Mallee districts in Western Victoria.

Our core business is based around providing farming inputs and agronomy services for broad acre cropping farmers.
We are experts in Ag Chemicals, Fertiliser, Seed, Animal Health, Tanks, Irrigation, Fencing and all farming merchandise.

Agritech Rural employs over 20 staff, including 10 agronomists. Our agronomists have over 200 years combined experience and provide Agromomic Services to our clients.
Agritech Rural is based out of Horsham, Victoria and also has store locations in Dimboola, Nhill and Kaniva.

Agritech Rural are a member of the CRT group and actively involved in the local community, sponsoring many local sports teams, events and charities including major sponsor of the Horsham District Football & Netball League.


Timeline - Agritech Rural

Agritech Rural Founded

Agritech Rural was founded in 2004 by a group of local agronomy experts. Original team of 6 staff


Joined CRT Group & First Award

Agritech Rural joined the CRT group of independant rural retailers. Agritech Rural won the award of national CRT member of the year in only its first year with the CRT group.


Growth & Expansion

The business is growing at a fast rate and now employs 10 staff. Major renovations to the Horsham store completed.


More Awards

Agritech Rural again took out the awards of CRT National member of the year & Victorian member of the year.


Acquire Saxton Rural and Westech Ag

Agritech Rural acquired Saxton Rural in Dimboola and rebranded as Agritech. Agritech also acquired Westech Ag which has branches in Nhill and Kaniva


Formed Joint Venture with RuralCo

The Agritech Rural Group formed a joint venture partnership with RuralCo Holdings Limited.