MAP is a major cropping fertiliser used in Western Victoria as a source of Phosphorus and Nitrogen.  MAP and MAP blends are extensively used in broadacre cropping systems and for sowing pastures.  
The low level of nitrogen makes MAP ideal as a starter fertiliser.  MAP has a high analysis of Phosphorus, a cost effective granular product and has good handling charactaristics.
MAP is commonly blended with other fertilisercompounds.



Granular Urea is a high analysis form of Nitrogen.  Urea is commonly used as a straight product for top dressing or used as part of a custom blend to give a nitrogen boost. Urea offers the most cost effective method of providing nitrogen into your crop or pasture.  Once applied, Urea dissolves into the soil and is converted to Ammonium and later into Nitrate for plant uptake.


)SoA) Sulphate of Ammonia (Gran-Am) is a source if Nitrogen and Sulphur and is commonly used as a straight or blended with other fertiliser compounds to provide sulphur.
The Sulphur present in SoA is Sulphate Sulphur, which is the form of sulphur directly taken up by plants.  SoA has good storage and handling qualities.